• Professional Chef Hats

    Professional Chef Hats at competitive prices

    Gerry Sharkey
  • Lemon Wraps

    These pretty lemon wraps not only look stunning but serve the purpose of keeping any pips off the food and making sure that the lemon juice is not squirted onto any ones best new outfit!

Chef Hats

Our chef hats are manufactured in Germany, the home of precision engineering, they are made of light non woven material making them very comfortable to wear. Satisfied customers have been using these chef hats for many years.

Who Are Our Customers?

Previous customers who are delighted to see a return of the original chef hats & all purpose cloths · Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges and Universities

Who are we?

Since the chef hats became unavailable in 2009, customers have had to find alternative sources, and they have been bitterly disappointed - until now! Here at Quality Agency.co.uk we have made it our mission to return these chef hats to the UK.

Guarantee Like No Other

We are sure that our clothes and hats are of the highest quality available on the market.

Chef Hat History

Being a chef has been a career for over 2000 years, techniques...

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Testimonials from Chefs around the world    ” These chef hats are...

14th Nov

Our Guarantee

20th Oct